1/30/2023 – Renting a Room Can Hurt Homestead Tax Exemptions


1/22/2023 – 2022 End of Year Real Estate Market Report


1/13/2023 – City of Deerfield Beach: Rate Increase For Solid Waste Collection, Credit Card Transaction Fee(s) Initiated

The City of Deerfield Beach would like to remind customers that a rate increase for solid waste collection takes effect 01/01/2023. This invoice reflects that increase. To find out more visit www.dfb.city/solidwasterates.

Effective 02/01/2023 a transaction fee will be applied to payments made using credit, debit, or bank cards. Visit https://deerfield.trux.cloud to review your account. ACH options will be available soon!

For more information, please contact Customer Service at 954-480-4391 or email solidwastecsrv@dfb.city

12/16/2022 – Fla. Legislature and Property Ins.: What Changed?


11/30/2022 – Fla. Has 5 of Top 10 Move-To Metros in U.S.


11/21/2022 – Fla. Housing: Oct.’s Median Prices, Inventory Rise


O’Connor added, “The fact that monthly sales still remain in the neighborhood of pre-pandemic levels despite today’s significantly higher home prices and mortgage rates only illustrates that despite these headwinds, housing demand in Florida continues to receive support from its recent surge in post-pandemic in-migration, vacation home purchases, and the ever-increasing number of millennials looking to find a home for their growing families.”

11/18/2022 – Florida Real Estate Market Report

Florida Realtors’ October22 Market Reports By County Prices Continnue To Rise Offset Softer Volume


No residential curbside/bulk services on Thursday.
If your garbage route falls on Thursday, it will not be collected until next week Monday, Nov 14.
Curbside/bulk collections will resume Friday.



The pool pump has been repaired and the pool has been reopened.


Fox and Coyote Sightings In Villas on the Green


7/20/22 – June 2Q Sales, Listings and Prices Rise in FL In Spite Of Higher Rate Headwind ; SFR Up ~20%


7-5-22 Market Reports – National Home Price Gains Exceeded 20% in May


Market Reports – Real Estate Prices By County – June 2022

6/9/2022 – Deerfield Beach 2021 Water Quality Report

The annual water quality report for 2021 has landed in each VOG owner’s mailbox. Some non-permanent or seasonal resident owners may not receive it due to its bulk distribution status. Additionally, prospective buyers my be interested in reviewing it as part of their due diligence.

If you have any questions about the report you can contact the Deerfield Beach Environmental Compliance Manger (954 480-4370).

Here is the link for the Deerfield Beach FL 2021 Water Quality Report


6/9/2022 – Rent Increases: 8 of Top 10 Highest Are Fla. Metros


Fellow Owners,

Yesterday, someone dumped their trash in EWC, not much trash, but clearly bulk pick up trash which left our community unsightly leaving an appearance of neglect, in violation of every owners rights in our community and our BOD rules.

The documented picture of the trash strewn about in EWC is shown below. Mind you, if done by a fellow owner, this trash by BOD rules, is obligated to be put out as bulk trash every Sunday evening for pick up on Mondays – today is Thursday. At least, as a community, it was policed and put out of sight scheduled to be put out on Sunday evening.

If you know who did this, as President, I would appreciate any information you could share about this thoughtless and inconsiderate behavior will be kept confidential as the BOD proceeds to enforcement.

With all the effort and success we have obtained so far in improving our community appearance, try to imagine the look on a prospective buyers / realtors drive through experience about our community this weekend and calibrate their interest in living in VOG.
Bulk Waste

Please this this article about the new Florida Legislation for Homeowner Insurance Reform.

Please this this interesting article about Florida Real Estate.

At our last two regular monthly meetings our guest, Mayor of Deerfield Beach, Bill Ganz, and District 4 Commissioner Todd Drosky discussed comparative property values in adjacent counties along with the BOD objective to improve VOG property values.

One of the benefits of an MLS subscription as an active real estate broker, I receive these reports monthly identical to every subscriber real estate agent to MLS for each or any of their requested / subscribed area(s) of interest.

The intent of sharing this report is for owners to see how the contiguous / non-contiguous surrounding counties to Broward are statistically faring for key metrics such as ; median (not average) price, % of asking price and available inventory vs a VOG or Deer Creek property type as a comparison.

The attached report does not represent a solicitation for seller listing(s) nor real estate buyer sales activity. It is simply a monthly real estate “state of the union” type report available for current or prospective owners for our S Florida overall county geographic area. These reports are designed and intended to be shared and do not violate any patent or copyright infringement by sharing this information.

The information is being exclusively posted to the VOG website under the News tab
( https://villasonthegreen.net/news/ ) as general information for all applicable owners in Broward County compared to our contiguous and non contiguous counties. This web site posting is not being sent as a direct mail since it does not specifically apply to activities, events or information about VOG requiring owner permission for use of the distribution list controlled by Campbell Property Management.

3/8/2022: According to the City of Deerfield Beach website, the suspension of our curbside recycling program will continue until further notice.

6/18/2020 – City of Deerfield Beach Upcoming Recycling Program Suspension Notice

This Article has been copied from the City of Deerfield Beach Web Site: www.DFB.city/recycling

City News & Events
Posted on: June 17, 2020
City to Suspend Curbside Recycling Program Starting July 1, 2020
Due to continued excessive contamination rates contributing to the rising costs for recyclable processing and low global demand for materials, the City Commission voted to suspend the City’s curbside recycling collection programs starting July 1, 2020. The suspension will remain in place until at least October 1, 2020.

The City’s Solid Waste Division will continue to collect the materials from the recycling containers until further notice; however, all materials will be collected and disposed of as garbage.

During this period, customers should place as much material in their garbage receptacles as they can, and only use recycling receptacles if absolutely necessary.

Residents who choose to continue recycling can bring all program recyclable materials to the City’s Recycling Drop-Off Center located at 401 SW 4 Street, Deerfield Beach, FL. The City will also be placing two additional community recycling containers at the locations below:
• Main Beach Parking Lot, 149 SE 21 Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL
• Fire Station 66, 590 S Powerline Rd, Deerfield Beach, FL

Please visit www.dfb.city/recycling for additional information on the regional drop-off centers as well as a list of program materials that will be accepted at these locations.

Future program adjustments including but not limited to potential extension of program suspension will be announced as necessary.

For additional information, contact the Department of Sustainable Management at 954-480-4391 or visit www.dfb.city/recycling.

1/24/2017 – False Alarm Permit Registration

It is important that all alarm holders in our community read this information from the City of Deerfield Beach.

Approximately 1 year ago, our city began outsourcing of many of the services which we receive. – one of them is our alarm system in each owners unit. On January 13, 2017, notification to alarm owners was posted to our municipal web-site of the new procedure. All alarms, even if you still have your previous permit alarm number, must be registered. Additionally there is a one time registration fee and permit issued for a cost of $30 for 365 days. Future alarm renewals are at the former $25 rate. Payment is not permitted by credit card unless the web site is used. Manual payments are permissible but those must be directly to the City of Deerfield Beach.

If you elect not to register your alarm and do have any false alarms the cost of those false alarms will rapidly mount up and will be billed to owners directly per the grid below. Registration of each individual alarm in our community is each owners responsibility.

Below is the municipal link to go online to register and pay for the alarm registration with details. The Broward Sheriff’s Office now has the software in their police cars rather than use a manual system.


City News & Events
Posted on: January 13, 2017
Have you Registered your Safety Alarm?

The City of Deerfield Beach’s false alarm program contained in Chapter 30, Article III of the Deerfield Beach Code of Ordinances was recently amended by Ordinance No. 2015/013. Management and administration of the program is being provided by Public Safety Corporation. Public Safety Corporation is responsible for ensuring compliance and for handling most administrative functions of the False Alarm Program. The purpose of the program is to reduce the number of false alarms that require police and fire rescue personnel response. False alarm responses inhibit police and fire rescue’s ability to respond to real emergencies and provide adequate service to the community.

Public Safety Corporation, who uses its proprietary Crywolf software, manages initial and annual alarm registration, false alarm notifications, billing and collections for the City. They also provide customer support from 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. As in the past, all City of Deerfield Beach alarm users are required to register their alarms. This includes all residential and non-residential locations within the City’s boundaries.

Residential and non-residential users alike can register online. This link will be conveniently available on the City’s web-site under the caption “Residents.” Once registered, users will be issued a login and password, so that they may check their accounts at any time.

The web address for registration is: https://www.crywolfservices.com/deerfieldbeachfl. Registration can also be established by calling the customer service phone number at (855) 905-0617.

Residents should be aware that you risk a $200 fine if your alarm is not registered and you have a false alarm incident. The City is however, waiving this fee and/or reimbursing those alarm owners who have received an invoice reflecting this fee, since the program began in September 2016. Alarm users will have until March 31, 2017 to register their alarms without being assessed the $200 fee. Please register immediately.

The ordinance imposes registration fees and graduated civil penalty for false alarms. The following fees and penalties apply:

First time alarm registration = $30.00
Annual registration thereafter = $25.00
Police False Alarm (within a 12-month period)
Third false alarm = $50.00
Fourth false alarm = $100.00
Fifth and subsequent false alarms = $200.00.
Fire Rescue False Alarm (within a 12-month period)
Third false alarm = $100.00
Fourth false alarm = $100.00
Fifth and subsequent false alarms = $150.00.
Unregistered Alarm System Penalty is $200.00. (Waived through March 31, 2017)
If you have any questions regarding the False Alarm program and need more information call 1.855.905.0617.

10/16/2016 – Help Available for Energy & Wind Upgrades for Your Property

Hello friends and neighbors.

City of Deerfield Beach residents and business owners now have a new option for financing energy efficiency or wind resilient upgrades on their property.

In June, the Broward County board of Commissioners approved a countywide Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, providing an innovative form of financing for clean energy and resilience improvements for residential and commercial property owners across the county. The City of Deerfield Beach Commission voted to opt-in to the Broward County PACE Program, authorizing all County-approved providers to operate within Deerfield Beach jurisdictional boundaries.

PACE is a financing mechanism that allows property owners to voluntarily make qualifying improvements on their property, with repayment through a non-ad valorem special assessment added to their property tax bill.

Most products that can be permanently affixed to a property and reduce on-site electric use, assist in wind resistance, and/or produce onsite electricity are eligible for funding. Qualifying improvements include: rooftop solar panels, solar water heater, wind turbine, energy efficient air conditioning unit, cool roof, window replacement, impact windows, insulation, and more.

The program is now live for Deerfield Beach property owners through the two approved providers: Renew Financial and Ygrene. Broward County is currently in negotiations with two additional PACE providers.

To get started, interested parties are encouraged to review the Program Guidelines for all approved providers. Like any financial decision, participants should review all available financing alternatives to ensure they are choosing the best option for their own personal financial situation. It is also highly recommended that property owners perform a comprehensive energy audit on their property before committing to any qualifying improvements.

For additional information on PACE in Deerfield Beach, visit www.dfb.city/PACE or contact Sustainable Management 954.480.1420.

Todd Drosky, District 4 Comissioner