Villas On The Green Mission Statement
The Villas on the Green Board of Directors’ mission is dedicated to preserving and improving the fiscal health of the community and enhancing homeowner value while making this community a highly desirable place to own or live.

Please see the Agenda-October 2023 before the October Board Meeting.
Please see this Homeowner Letter about the Pool Gate Lock.
Please see the Homeowner Access Only tab to review the Board of Directors’ community accomplishments for 2022.
Please see the News tab to review the latest news in the community.
Please see the HOA Notes tab to review info about driveway pressure cleaning in our neighborhood.
Please see the By-Laws and Restrictions page to view the homeowner letter about Parking Restrictions in the Villas.
Please see this advice to prevent vehicle break-ins:

In addition, please see these important BSO theft prevention flyers from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Owners should notice current and upcoming community improvements. Check the Calendar page when to expect vendors to be on site each month. If you have concerns please use the Contact Us tab to complete requests / comments / situations.
Phase 1 – Trimming and hurricane prep of all community hardwood, softwood and palms has been completed.
Phase 2 – Dead diseased tree removal, necessary stump grinding and tree replacement plan will commence mid May.
Phase 3 – Root pruning – 4 Q 2022

Please see the Lost & Found web page for info about items recently lost or found in our neighborhood.

Welcome to the New Villas On The Green 2023 Board of Directors:

Joan Bieler – President

Joe Greco – Vice-President

Craig Peterson – Treasurer

Don Critelli – Secretary

Drew Gaut – Director

Landscape Chair – Joe Greco
ARB Chair – Don Critelli

Villas On The Green Property Manager
Glenn Stocking, Campbell Property Manager
Main Office: 954-895-6514

Villas On The Green Homeowner Association
The VOG BOD is attempting to shift to more streamlined / repetitive dates in order to coincide with the mandated Annual Meeting date timing. As we migrate the BOD monthly meetings to the Palms Clubhouse location, monthly meetings are scheduled to take place on the second Wednesday of each month. If there are temporary Palms Clubhouse conflicts, dates may have to be adjusted slightly. Our objective is to align all 12 meetings per year to occur at the same time of each month with the Annual Meeting mandated date.

The VOG BOD will also continue to test the optimal meeting start time (currently at 6 PM) to obtain the best homeowner attendance and plan to offer video conferencing when we determine the safest application for homeowners. Please check the VOG website calendar for meeting dates / location / times, watch subscribed owner agenda notification e-mails, postings at the pool and the sandwich board at the front entrance.