1/18/2023 – Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Please see this link to a spreadsheet for the schedule for 2023 – Driveway Maintenance and Pressure Cleaning Schedule By Address.

10/26/2022 – Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Please see this notice NOTICE about driveway pressure cleaning. Here is a link to a spreadsheet for the schedule for the remaining driveways for Phase I.

8/26/2022 – Pond Water Level and Fountain Repairs

See the latest: Letter about Pond Water Level and Fountain Repairs

7/25/2022 – Fountain Repairs Underway

See the latest: Letter about Fountain Repairs

7/18/2022 – Irrigation Letter

See the latest: Letter on Irrigation

5/8/2022 – Pool Committee Improvements – Tony Casciotti, Chair

Effective this month, the BOD has embarked on a “phased in” pool beautification plan for the use of our owners, residents and guests. Tony has some exciting matching plans for the inside area of the pool now that we have improved the exterior landscaping at the pool entrance. We are currently in a reciprocal exchange relationship with the Palms. We have checked with our insurance carrier and are covered to have them as our guests this summer while they marcite their pool / installation of a new deck area. This is our reciprocation for the Palms granting VOG permission to have complimentary use of their meeting room facility for our monthly meetings.

  • Phase 1 – Owners may have noticed the new gate key storage box at the entrance. Just looking up will provide owners / residents access. Owners may have noticed the addition of accent porcelain planters with flowers / plants which were purchased, installed and watered by the Landscape Committee for accent improvement of what is an appealing but rather stark pool setting. We have already completed and owner donated materials and labor for our security equipment cabinet which houses our security monitor and mouse. More economical, accent planning for the pool area is underway.
  • Phase 2 – The BOD has approved repairs of all the straps for the pool furniture, ordered new commercial grade larger tables along with new commercial grade much larger umbrellas using with our historical accent blue colors. The BOD also approved blue accent colored sleeves for the railing and pool ladder. All the above items are to be completed this month (May’22) along with some much needed water main repairs for the pool.
  • Phase 3 – Our pool / pump room is in poor condition and is in need of immediate repairs and organization. The double wooden pump room doors are rotted and will be replaced / painted along with the storage area where our camera equipment is located adjacent to the water fountain. In addition to the pump and storage room doors, the men’s room tiled floor is also looking quite shabby. The ladies room is in good condition, however. The men’s room toilet and urinal may also have to be replaced with more efficient / water saving toilet and faucet fixtures. Frequent use by our contractors likely accounts for the additional wear and tear in the men’s room. We are in the process of obtaining contractor quotes for all the above items and will prioritize their importance for staging / implementation when Tony submits his recommendation to the BOD for approval.


  • Phase 1 – Trimming and hurricane prep of all community hardwood, softwood and palms has been completed.
  • Phase 2 – Dead diseased tree removal, necessary stump grinding and tree replacement plan will commence mid – late April.
  • Phase 3 – Root pruning – 4 Q 2022

Our new landscape vendor began on 4/1/2022 with ornamental trimming, grass cutting, leaf removal, weed control and white fly treatment during the month of April.

We are installing 3 new landscape designs at the pool entrance along with the north and south side of the EWW / EWN intersection in areas long since in need of attention. Work is targeted to be completed in April. Please see the proposed renderings below:

Please see this Irrigation Notice.