6/29/22 – Pool Security
On all too frequent occasions, we are finding that the pool access gate is being left unlocked or propped open with an object. In some cases people are jamming wads of paper in the strike plate in order for the lock not to engage even when the gate is in the closed position. It gives the appearance of being closed but it is not. This behavior is almost the same as owners / residents leaving their front door unlocked or slightly ajar in this social environment.

Our Pool Chairperson, Tony Casciotta, is about half way through our pool beautification initiative in order to stimulate community value and resident enjoyment but not at the risk of community safety.

Comparatively speaking, VOG historical enjoyment of a low crime / incident rate is likely to come under pressure especially if owners / residents are alone at the pool. Granted, we have multiple surveillance cameras surrounding the pool with continuous extended loop recording capability. Unfortunately, that security capability is only useful AFTER an unfortunate event has taken place and often, many of these potential incidents are preventable with a little diligence.

The BOD urges all users to be diligent about your own safety and that of others. Please do not leave the pool gate ajar or unlocked when using the pool and please use your pool access key for each entrance and exit. If you see the gate open, you are encouraged to close it. All of our regular contractors on site have access the rest rooms when working in the community.

5/8/22 – See Something, Say Something (BSO Non Emergency – 954 464-4357)
On occasion, strange things occur in every community including ours. As an owner, if you see something you think to be out of the ordinary and are hesitant the incident does not merit a call to 911, then consider using the non emergency Broward Sheriffs Office (BSO) non – emergency number. It is available for owners to report any incidents such as; suspicious activity or behavior, vehicles obstructing traffic / visibility to traffic, loud noise by neighbors, etc. Although we live in a private community with private roads, that does not mean that things like suspicious activity, traffic issues. suspicious cars (moving or parked) do not warrant a call to the non emergency number. Do not confront, challenge anyone or try to resolve an issue on your own. Be safe, be smart use your taxpayer resources for these situations. We have color security camera’s located at the pool and low light with license plate recognition software for the entrance / exit to our community with a recording loop of ~90 days.

3/23/2022 – Community Safety
On 3/22/22, our community had an incident on EWW.

Apparently, what was self described as a teenager about 5′ 8″ – 5′ 10″ non resident carrying a backpack and a fishing pole but using the fishing pole he had in hand as a possible prop was wandering in the neighborhood. He self described intent to be fishing at 11PM however water in which to fish was not that nearby. He is reported to have been tampering with the rear of a vehicle parked in the owner’s driveway.

A neighbor’s security camera did capture footage of the individual and the owner has been directed to file a police report using the non emergency Broward Sheriffs Office number of 954 764-4357. At the same time VOG will access our front security camera for any video capture.

The warning and caution to everyone….lock you cars / doors at night and never engage with someone – call 911 immediately.

ADT Community Assn Service Center (800 878 7806) (effective midnight 8/1/2015 or immediately after upgrade)

ADT 24 hour Monitoring Centerhttps://www.myadt.com

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