6/7/22 – Irrigation Update

The irrigation Team would like to clarify a couple of items receiving owner comments / questions;

Why are the sprinklers coming on early in the evening when we like to sit out on our patio?

In order for the plantings in the neighborhood to take root properly, Aqua Pro was asked to reprogram the time of the sprinkler cycle temporarily in order for our new community plantings to get irrigation during the rooting process. That “rooting time irrigation” has now been reset to return to a more normal irrigation cycle. If you have any issues going forward, please use the website to lodge your requested irrigation service. As a reminder, Aqua Pro is on site in the first week of the month (weather permitting) to perform irrigation system maintenance checks and address any pending work orders received through the website Contact Us tab.

Why are is the irrigation running during periods of rain / rainy days ?

Our irrigation of the entire community is largely driven on a demand basis using a central rainfall gauge located near the pumps adjacent to the pond. The rain gauge automatically regulates the frequency “on time” for all of our community irrigation. Unfortunately, the rain gauge recently broke, has been ordered and needs to be replaced.

Please see the latest info about the distribution of the updated Resident Directory.

Please read this important notice about the Villas on the Green request for updates to our Resident Directory.