Villas on the Green By Laws & Restrictions

Covenants and Restrictions and Board Rules (condensed)

(booklet) VOG – Homeowner – Covenants & BOD Use Rules & Regulations Booklet 6-9-22

8/14/2022 – Parking Restrictions
Please see this letter to homeowners from the HOA President regarding parking restrictions in the Villas on the Green: Parking Restrictions Letter. Here is a copy of the Parking Violation Notice

Emotional Support Animals
Emotional Support Animals 6-9-2022

7/26/2016 – Please be aware that Villas on the Green has a pet limit and restricts pets that are over 25 lbs at full maturity (veterinarian documentation required).

However, Villas on the Green is an ADA compliant community with respect to service animals when connected to a resident disability. The community has adopted the most current Federal and State of Florida regulation(s). If a resident or owner is disabled and has a service animal, as an accommodation, permission will be granted for service animals over 25 lbs. However, per Federal guidelines, service animals above 25 lbs, the exact / specific nature of the service animal duties must be documented in support of the disabled person(s) residing in the household for a reasonable accommodation.

Contrary to popular belief, emotional support animals are not covered under Federal or State of FL statutes unless connected or accompanied by an owner / resident with a disability. If a support animal is under the 25 lb weight limit, then there is no restriction for occupants / owners as stated above other than a 2 pet maximum in Villas on the Green.

Per Villas on the Green by-laws, support animal(s) greater than 25 lbs that do not perform specific duties for a disabled resident, the 25 lb weight restriction will apply and the service animal is not eligible for an exemption / reasonable accommodation.

For convenience, a review these Federal and State of Florida links establishing policy / practice will be informative (click on the links below):

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2/15/2016 –At last years annual meeting on 2/2/2015, a homeowner suggested a condensed and up to date version of covenant restrictions and board rules.

Recently a condensed mailing version (booklet) of our restrictions was mailed via USPS to each homeowner. It was identical to the handy brochure distributed to attendees at the annual meeting on 2/1/2016.

To view / print the combined abbreviated Villas On the Green Restrictions and Board Rules click here.

Depending upon your browser, clicking on the link may display the document as 1-page per screen or as 2-pages per screen (booklet format), however if you download/ save the file to your computer (from your browser) and use Adobe Reader to view/ print it, then it will be displayed in booklet format.

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