Some in our community have opted to replace existing chatahoochee surfaces on sidewalks and courtyards with an upgraded surface. Because the walkways are in view from the roadway, standards have been established for resurfacing to maintain a degree of consistency in both color and style throughout our community.

The standard is either:

  1. A travertine paver product. There are three approved colors which complement our community colors.

    • Noche, which can be observed at 637 Emerald Way East
    • Country Classic, which can be observed at 573 Emerald Way West
    • Gold, which can be observed at 2506 Emerald Way North

    The pavers are available through many providers and are on display for viewing at a local distributor in Pompano Beach: USA Marble, LLC, 700 NW 33rd Street, Suite #290, Pompano Beach FL 33064. Their phone number is (954) 590-2900.

  2. An extension of the same paver/brick product used in the renovation of our driveways. A form of the paver is designed to cover existing chatahoochie on Walkways and Courtyards.

    The standard paver’s color is Sierra and can be purchased at Tremron Pavers, 1251 NE 48th St., Pompano Beach, FL 33064.

    The homeowner may choose a contractor of their choice for the installation; however, the company that implemented the driveway project and installed many of our sidewalks is SNS Pavers (561-640-3223).

Homeowners are NOT permitted to make changes to driveway surfaces. Also note that the standards established for walkways do not apply to rear patios. However, ALL paver and surface replacement projects require Architecture Review Board approval (Change Request Form) prior to commencement.