The information contained on these pages is intended to provide our VoG homeowners with often-requested information related to changes to the exterior of our villas which have the potential of affecting appearance and consistency within our community. Architectural changes are often required due to decay of existing fixtures, gates, etc or, alternatively, the result of homeowner desire to implement modifications and upgrades to their properties. This information addresses the most frequently requested information, but certainly does not cover every situation.

Please note that all architecture changes require the prior review and approval of the Architecture Review Board, from which approval is provided through the Architectural Change Request Form (available on this website).

Finally, please remember that is the homeowner’s responsibility to (1) ensure work is performed by licensed and insured contractors, and (2) ensure that all necessary permits are obtained (when required) for work performed.

Please contact the Architecture Review Board with any questions.

Please click on the tabs below for Architectural Standard information:

Paint Colors
Fences and Gates
Exterior Lighting
Walkways and Courtyards