HOA Notes

6/24/20 – Irrigation Schedule Update

Our irrigation schedule has been reset to run 3 times per week. Thank you.

5/28/2020 – Irrigation Schedule Change Notice 

Irrigation Schedule Change Notice – Our rainy season is here and we will be making temporary changes to our irrigation schedules. Aqua Pro, our irrigation vendor will be adjusting our irrigation system schedule accordingly. It will be scheduled to run once per week. The system will run on Monday or Tuesday depending on your original zone schedule. This will help prevent deep ruts from mowing, excessive weed growth and fungus problems due to overwatering in combination with heavy rainfall events. The system will be monitored and adjusted to accommodate any lengthy dry spells or heat waves.

4/27/2020 – Irrigation Notice – Due to this unusually long drought and heat wave the water level in our Lake (our irrigation water source) has dropped significantly. When water levels become too low, sediment can be drawn through our irrigation system, clogging up lines and sprinkler heads.

If you think you are having irrigation issues, contact Jay Burko our Property Manager, a Board Member or current Landscape Chair Lisa Baird for assistance.

Irrigation works as a supplement to rainfall. We need the combination of both irrigation and rainfall to effectively maintain our landscaping. With the excessive heat and drought, our lawns and landscape shrubs and ornamentals WILL show signs of stress and suffering indicative of a drought. Owner’s need to hand-water or set up a sprinkler to help get their property through this drought period.

6/9/2017 – Hurricane Season – As a result of the positive reception by residents (locally and remote) we will reengage once again for this hurricane season that starts this month with our Weather Alert tab on the website. Once again it will be in bold red and will be the opening page for convenience.

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