Voices of the Villas

1. For any of you who would like to get an update on Rob Sedlacek or send a message.
Follow this link:


1. Unfortunately Lindamarie Spaulding’s husband Lester has passed away in his favorite place Jamaica. It seemed he and Lindamarie never really got to spend much time here at the Villas. Most of his work was managing director of the RJR radio, television and newspaper program. The funeral will take place on December 9, 2017 in a State type funeral in Jamaica. He was a charming, handsome delightful gentlemen. Our condolences to the family and Jamaica who feel this terrible loss.


1. Life has a way of putting everything into perspective. Our Vice President and friend Rob Sedlacek has had a stroke and is in the hospital. Say your prayers for him. His family is here giving his wife Cynthia much support. He is strong and will conquer this. He and Buddy will be walking the neighborhood sooner than you know.


1. Congratulations to Gary & Flora Colboch. There daughter Bethany just got married this week. May the road ahead be filled with only wonderful happy adventures for the new couple.

2. Our condolences to Drew & Kristin Gaut on the passing of there sweet little Dog Lola. She was a cutie pie.


1. Say your prayers for Gislene’s Mom in Brazil. Gislene is there with her family helping her Mom. And spending quality family time together.


1. Jimmy Story has a new car services business venture. Those in need can call 954-464-5640 for information.

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