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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 23, 2017

Hurricane Debris Removal & Bulk Collection Update

DEERFIELD BEACH – The City appreciates the patience and cooperation of all residents as it completes the removal of storm debris from our roadways and neighborhoods.

Through Sunday, October 22nd, more than 20 million pounds of debris had been collected.

The majority of hurricane debris collection has now been completed, and City crews have begun to return to regular bulk collection schedules.

When putting bulk materials out at the curb, please remember the following guidelines to ensure proper collection:

  • Only place items out for bulk if they do not fit in your garbage cart.
  • Items must be placed in the swale before 7:00 am on your collection day, and not more than 12 hours in advance.
  • Leave large yard waste in a loose pile; only bag grass clippings.
  • Bulk piles must be place 7 feet away from garbage and recycling carts, and away from mail boxes, low wires, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Bulk piles cannot exceed 7 cubic yards; residents will be charged $15 per cubic yard that exceeds 7 cubic yards.
  • Private landscapers must dispose of all debris generated by their work. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the private landscaper removes their debris. Homeowners will be charged for any debris left by a landscaper.
  • All construction debris (carpet, tile, drywall) and wood products warrant a $15 per cubic yard charge.

For additional information on bulk collection, contact the Department of Sustainable Management at (954) 480-4391 or visit

9/20/2017 @11:35 AM – Reminder: Storm Debris Collection Continues; Bulk Still Suspended

At this time, the City has begun hurricane debris removal. There are enormous volumes of debris throughout the City. Please be patient as collection will take some time.

Hurricane debris should be placed in the swale and away from power lines, fire hydrants, etc. To ensure proper collection, residents must also separate organic, vegetative debris from all other debris.

Regular bulk collections are still suspended as the City focuses its efforts on removing hurricane debris.
City of Deerfield Beach

9/8/2017 – Hurricane Irma Update

Irma continues to be a highly unpredictable hurricane with its predicted Florida track and in current speed volatility.

As you inquire using the Accuweather link posted earlier, you can now see the various models for the Irma storm track are beginning to converge, for the most part. It appears the Irma track will vertically progress up the state, a bit closer to Naples / Tampa and with a direct hit now predicted for Orlando as a Cat 2 or Cat 3. It is unclear, as yet, as to how this hurricane category landfall and resulting track will impact our area according to the weather experts.

Here is the 8 AM reading from the National Hurricane Center:
Advisory: 37A
Position: 21.8N, -74.7W
Time: ‎9‎/‎8‎/‎2017‎ ‎8‎:‎00‎:‎00‎ ‎AM
Wind Speed: 150 mph
Wind Gusts: N/A
Pressure: 27.37 in
Movement: 285.0 WNW near 13 mph

Arrangements have been made for a clean up crew to be on site shortly after Irma passes our area and it is safe for the crews to work removing any debris including any fallen trees / limbs.

9/6/2017 – Hurricane Irma

The link below provides as much variable information about the current and future projected path of Irma as possible.

The impact to the Florida peninsula as a direct hit or a glancing blow to either east or west coast is uncertain at this time according to the weather forecasts.

If you want to track the projected path by hurricane model at any time used by the National Hurricane Center, then go to this link:

Using the navigation information on the right side of the screen, enter your desired city and state location, then click on PLOT. A blue star will light up the area you have designated.

Then use the drop down menu to select the Atlantic Basin under the 2017 tracks. Then use the drop down menu to select the storm name. Using this tracker will allow you to plot and track any hurricane name.

The Accuweather track will auto check and you can see where the hurricane track has been and where it is projected. If you want to further enhance the view to see model differences, check NHC and any other model that will permit a check mark for comparisons of hurricane model possibilities.

Clicking on any of the hurricane categories will give the latest position and details for the hurricane you have selected.

If you have not begun preparation in advance of a major hurricane landfall, you are urged to do so immediately according to all weather expert sources..

9/5/2017 – Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has strengthened overnight to become “dangerous” according to weather experts. Updates will be provided on our web site as they are released but owners are urged to commence hurricane preparedness and utilize the links and advice posted on 6/1/2017 when hurricane season began.

9/4/2017 – Hurricane Irma

Please review the hurricane preparedness suggestions dated 6/1/2017 below and begin preparations for our area according to weather forecasts.

Here is the latest information on Irma as it heads west. Much of the possible landfall target areas will be determined by the location of a high pressure dome north of FL as it goes out to sea that is expected to steer the direction of Irma for a high risk or low risk to south Florida.

Here is the latest video / information as of today 9/4/2017 @ 4 PM EDST.

Updates will be posted as necessary.


Hurricane season has begun on June 1 and ends on November 30, 2017. We recommend owners prepare for the possibility of a landfall by doing the following:

1. Subscribe to the City of Deerfield Beach CodeRED phone alerts in order to receive and be updated by phone on the most recent hurricane activity / warnings for our area.

2. Each owner take measures to remove and store portable items such as patio furniture, barbecue grills, decorative items such as masonry / concrete, brown and blue trash bins and any items that if / when airborne may injure or damage other owners or their property.

3. Each owner should not place any yard clean up debris over or near storm drains. Historically, the City of Deerfield Beach sweeps the city and will issue citations / fines for any clean up debris on or near public sewer drains. The association will not be responsible for any owner having obstructed a drain(s).

4. We have contacted the General Contractor responsible for the remediation work underway at 598 EWE to be sure he complies with the same request for items on the roof and in front of the garage door. We have also contacted the owner to ensure compliance for the same reason.

5. Each owner should have an individual responsible for securing property or items if not a full time resident such as hurricane shutters and the storm preparation actions mentioned.

If you have any questions about the community hurricane preparation, please contact the Property Manager or our web site for further information.

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